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Cozumel Adaptive Scuba Dive Trips and Courses

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World-class scuba dives on legendary coral reefs in Cozumel

Dive Paradise has a long history of commitment to taking people with disabilities scuba diving.  Our team of friendly professionals is skilled in making reservations for accessible adventures and loves to custom design adaptive scuba vacations and “try scuba” classes.   We arrange all the details, so you don’t have to.  

Every member of the team — from instructors and divemasters to reservations and transportation coordinators — will tune into your specific needs, so your experience is  safe, enjoyable and fun.  Each Adaptive Scuba experience is tailored around each guest’s unique medical profile and mobility needs.  Over the years the company has served divers with paralysis, vision and hearing impairment, autism, amputation, spinal cord and brain  injuries, PTSD, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, among others. Our friendly, expert staff receives extensive training annually and loves making scuba diving accessible to ALL people!

Discover Adaptive Scuba

Our Discover Adaptive Scuba class is a new program at Dive Paradise for people with disabilities and a sense of adventure.  Safe, fun and barrier-free, this class is for guests who want to make an easy, comfortable start in diving via an authentic ocean adventure. It’s an exciting blue water experience surrounded by abundant species of fish and coral of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System

Discover Adaptive Scuba includes a certified adaptive scuba instructor, a certified adaptive scuba divemaster, and equipment.  Offered daily on request for individuals or groups of two to eight.  Two options are available:  our à la carte class, and our shore excursion. The class lasts two-hours and includes instruction and supervised in-water training.  The shore excursion lasts four-hours and is ideal for cruise ship passengers, as it includes the training along with a day pass to the Wyndham Cozumel Hotel and Resort Beach Club.

Daily Caribbean 2-Tank Dive Trips

We offer Standard Caribbean 2-Tank Dive Trips every day that can include certified adaptive divers and their adaptive dive buddies!  We select the right boat and staff for each adaptive diver’s needs, and help each guest prepare for arrival at our facility.  We regularly arrange trips for both individual divers and groups.

Adaptive Diving Guides and Instructors

Gener and Omar, our wonderful local Scuba School Instructors who regularly teach and guide adaptive divers.  Both are expert educators certified by international standards with extensive experience.

Personal Adaptive Diving Guides and Private Adaptive Diving Instructors are available for hire to accompany certified divers on our Standard Caribbean 2-Tank Dive Trips.


Our team is well-trained to bring adaptive divers aboard our boats.

We now also have a new beach wheelchair that can be rolled into the water.

We partner closely with Wyndham Cozumel Hotel & Resort to provide accessible rooms/lodging and a seamless experience from hotel to pier.

The team coordinates transfers with wheelchair accessible vans.  And for shore excursions, we coordinate schedules with your cruise ship with meet and greet at the pier.  

We are also able to recommend accessible restaurants and other excursions on the island.

Adaptive Diving and Dive Paradise in Film

Dive Paradise has appeared in several films featuring Adaptive Sports and Diving, including:

Adapting To Dive by David Marsh (2022)

The Current by Kurt Miller (2014)

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