Frequently Asked Questions

How (2)

How deep is the water that we would be diving in? Is it really clear?
If I contact Dive Paradise directly, can I get a better deal?

What (12)

What is the diving like?
What is the night life like in Cozumel?
What is there to do other than diving? My spouse/friend doesn’t dive
Should I dive everyday? What do people normally do?
With your boats being larger, are you one of those operators that run “Cattle Boats?”
What is the difference between a “Caribbean” trip boat and an “Express” fast boat?
Do I need to bring a wetsuit? How cold is the water?
Should I bring my weights and weight belt with me?
What other equipment would I need to bring with me?
Can I rent everything?
What are the night dives like?
What is the best way to go between Cozumel and Cancun?

When (1)

What is the best time to go to Cozumel?

Where (2)

Where is Cozumel and what is it like there?
I am staying on the water but not at one of the “package hotels.” Will the boat still pick me up at my hotel?

Why (1)

Why dive with Dive Paradise?