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Additional Fees

MX National Marine Park fees are $109 MXN Pesos per day per person.  Dive Paradise collects this fee on behalf of the Marine Park during your check-in upon arrival.  Must be paid in Cash.  $MXN Pesos recommended.  Rate subject to change per the National Marine Park Authority.

Equipment Rental (view HERE) is not included in trip prices.  If you know you will need gear, please specify this ahead of time in your Diver Registration Form, to ensure the proper size is available to you. While we always do our best to provide requested sizes, gear is provided on a 1st-come 1st-served basis.

Hotel EcoTax fees (about $2 USD/night per room)

Bad Weather and Unforeseen Circumstances

Mother Nature is beautiful, powerful, and unpredictable!

We STRONGLY advise all divers to obtain trip insurance that covers reimbursement for missed dives due to port closures and other unforeseen circumstances.

Dive Paradise strives to ensure that all trip arrangements will run as planned. However, we occasionally need to make changes including altering, postponing or canceling dives due to weather and other safety considerations. 

Boarding Changes:

If the ocean swells make docking on the piers unsafe, we may move boarding to Marina Fonatur for everyone’s safety. In these cases we organize taxi services and it is very important that you stay in contact with us.  Please stop by or call our Cozumel Hotel shop 011 52 (987) 872-1061, or call our cell/WhatsApp line 011 52 (987) 101-8585.

Port Closures: 

If the Marine and Federal Authorities determine conditions are unsafe for tourist maritime activities, they close the ports and we are required to pause dive operations.

  • If this occurs during your visit, it is essential to stay in touch with our shop to confirm any rescheduling. The port could reopen, allowing boats to go out later in the day, or we will try to reschedule the missed dive for another day during your stay. 
  • If rescheduling is not possible, we provide a Raincheck to be used within three years with a new reservation.  Raincheck claim forms must be submitted at our office in Cozumel before leaving the island at the end of your trip.  Your Raincheck will be held either with us, or with your travel booking agency.
  • We are happy to provide documentation to help you file a claim with your trip insurance company for a refund of cancelled diving.

Booking & Trip Instructions

After submitting a reservation request, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days with trip details and rate confirmed for your booking.   Please review this invoice/confirmation for accuracy.

Your confirmation email is proof of purchase and your ticket for services to be rendered, and must be presented to Dive Paradise at least 12 hours prior to the starting time of your first service, unless you have notified us that you are arriving on the date of your first dive or from a cruise ship.

Cancellation Policy

To protect your investment, Dive Paradise STRONGLY recommends that all divers purchase a comprehensive Travel Insurance policy for reservations, with trip cancellation coverage.

Diving – Individual Travelers 

  • Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to any dive receive a full refund.  
  • Cancellations made 12-48 hours prior to a dive are eligible to reschedule, receive a raincheck, or receive a 50% refund.
  • Late cancellations made within 12 hours prior to a dive may reschedule or receive a raincheck by paying a $500 MXN Pesos late fee.
  • No-shows are non-refundable.

Stay & Dive Packages – Individual Travelers 

  • Cancellation requests for packages must be submitted and acknowledged via email to reservations@diveparadise.comApproved cancellation/refund requests will be processed within 4 weeks.  
  • Hotel cancellations made 31 days or more prior to arrival will receive a refund of the deposit.
  • Hotel cancellations made 30 days or less, no shows, or premature departures: No refunds.

What CANNOT be Refunded

Dive Paradise will not be responsible for, and will not issue refunds or credits for the following: 

  • Any unused portion of a hotel/dive package or dive course.  
  • Early departure from Cozumel by customer’s choice. 
  • Missed dives and associated costs due to travel delays.  We will always try to reschedule based on availability. 
  • Customer’s failure to supply proper identification for entry to Mexico. It is the passenger’s responsibility to comply with customs and immigration laws.

Any exceptions to our cancellation policies will be considered and determined by our General Manager after consultation with the divers’ travel/dive insurance company and, when relevant, with our on-island physician. Dive Paradise will offer a “rain-check” at our discretion.

Changes to Your Booking

Changes will be made based on availability with the General Manager’s authorization. 

Any change to scheduled diving must be made by 6pm on the day prior, and is subject to a $10.00 processing fee per change, in addition to the revised trip price. For multiple changes at different times, and/or last minute requests, additional processing fees may apply. 

Changes to any diving packages or trips that are not arranged by 6pm for a change the next morning will not be processed and will be considered a non-refundable no show.   

Please notify us ASAP of any change requests.  The sooner you do this, the more likely it is that we can make the change.   The following are considered change requests for a trip:

  • Changing from one type of dive trip to another
  • Changing dates 
  • Changing pick-up time or location 
  • Removing / Adding a guest 

We will do what we reasonably can to accommodate requests for changes to diving plans after customer arrival, but it may not always be possible.

EquipmentCustomer ResponsibilitiesDepositsDisabilities and TravelEligibilityInsurance


Divers are responsible for their rental gear, tanks, weights, and belts, and must reimburse Dive Paradise for any lost items. The lost weights fee is $95 MX Pesos per pound, and lost weight belt fee is $190 MX Pesos.

Customer Responsibilities

Advise Dive Paradise of any updates/changes in contact information or other details supplied to us. 

Ensure meeting the passport, visa, and health requirements of Mexico and the countries transited to/from Mexico. 

Read our policies and correspondence carefully.  Dive Paradise is not responsible for problems arising from failure to adhere to instructions in our emails and policies.


A $100 per person deposit is required to confirm a reservation, or as specified on a special.

Final balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

Bookings made within 30 days of arrival are payable in full at the time of booking.

Disabilities and Travel

One of our goals is to provide expanded diving opportunities for people with special needs.  However, not all of our offerings include special accommodations. You are responsible to verify with us, before you book travel, that special arrangements can be made. Dive Paradise is not liable for any incidences or consequences during or after diving or travel due to your failure to inform us of any special needs. 

Please re-confirm with us, following your reservation, that special accommodations will be provided per your request.


SAFETY STANDARDS per Diving Certification Agency 

  • If a diver’s last dive was more than 1 year ago, a daytime shore dive is required before any boat dives, using a welcome tank (from a package) or a rental tank.  This dive ensures divers are prepared to enjoy their boat dives with refreshed skills and proper buoyancy.  No solo divers allowed for shore dives; you can complete this with your buddy, or you can hire a Divemaster to do this with you. 
  • If a diver’s last dive was more than 2 years ago, we require a Refresher course with an Instructor before any open water dive trip.

Ages 10 and up may become certified and dive with Dive Paradise.

To make purchases from Dive Paradise, you must be an individual 18 years of age or older.


Due to our cancellation policy and the unexpected events that can occur, we strongly recommend that all divers obtain international medical coverage, and/or a comprehensive travel insurance policy for their reservations, with coverage that includes cancellation, medical, personal liability and effects.


1. Because you don’t want to lose all your money if you have to last-minute cancel your trip!
2. Bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances can occur that prevent diving.
3. Accidents can — and do — happen while traveling.  Medical emergencies and evacuations can be really expensive.
4. Your health insurance probably won’t work internationally.
5. Only 80% of U.S. flights arrive on time.
6. A missing bag can ruin your trip.


For US and Canadian citizens, we suggest travel insurance from either The Divers Alert Network (DAN) or DiveAssure.  For all other nationalities, we recommend travel insurance from DiveAssure.

Mandatory On-Island Check-InMedical Conditions and PregnancyPrivacy and Data CollectionTanksTaxesTrip Preparation

Mandatory On Island Check-In

  • Each diver must stop by to register (by 3 PM at our Villablanca beach location, or by 7 PM at our Hotel Cozumel location or at our main office downtown) on the day before the 1st date of diving, unless you have notified us that you are arriving on the day of your first dive. This serves to reconfirm dive days, boat pickup times, and departure point, plus divers should try on rental gear the day before their first dive.  This is also a good time to let us know of any requests for changes or additional dives.
  • Each diver must present their voucher at check in (a digital image on a cell phone is fine).  Vouchers are the proof of purchase and ticket for services to be rendered.
  • Each diver must bring their C-Card if diving (not required for Discover Scuba, Open Water certification or Open Water Referral course).  A digital image on a cell phone or the PADI app is fine.
  • Each diver should bring a VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card to be used for a security deposit on any rental equipment required and to open a dive shop account for any incidental expenses they may incur.
  • Divers doing their training dives must bring their Referral Form or signed log book along with completed medical questionnaires.

Medical Conditions and Pregnancy

Dive Paradise cannot give advice on medical matters relating to diving or other activities, or regarding government travel advisories or warnings.

It is each diver’s  responsibility to confirm that they have the physical capacity to participate in diving and all other activities, including travel. If they have a medical condition, or are in doubt, it is their responsibility to consult with a doctor before travel or diving.  It is also each diver’s responsibility to obtain any required or recommended immunizations. Each diver is responsible for disclosing any medical or related information to Dive Paradise during the reservation process.

Dive Paradise is not in a position to provide any medical services or urgent care in the event such an action may be required. Rescue and medical treatment, if available, may take time to arrive.  Each diver is liable for any risks, incidences or consequences incurred during travel.

Privacy and Data Collection

Dive Paradise collects information from our users at several different points on our website in order to process reservations and better serve you with pertinent information. Information collected includes name, shipping address, billing address, telephone numbers, email address and payment information. Dive Paradise will not sell or share this information to any outside parties.


Due to space limitations on the fast boats, morning and afternoon “express” trips can only accommodate 2-tanks (2 dives) per trip.


All fares are quoted inclusive of Mexican government taxes unless otherwise stated.


Please view our Trip Planning Information prior to arrival. 

Each diver must complete the online Diver Registration Form & Waiver, plus the PADI Medical Statement if registering for courses.

Before you Travel: