Did you know some airlines charge additional fees for dive gear?  Rental is very convenient option as you can rent everything for your diving at our facility at Wyndham Cozumel Hotel & Resort!

We use brand name equipment that is rigorously maintained, sanitized, and updated on a regular basis.

Daily Rental Rates

Rental Equipment is paid on island.  Prices shown in $MX Pesos.   (Prices in $USD vary depending on the exchange rate fluctuation.)  Credit Cards, USD, or MX Pesos accepted.

Options for mouthpieces :  bring your own (need 2 mouthpieces + zip ties), use a complimentary sanitized mouthpiece, or purchase a new ‘basic black’ version at the shop.

Check-in at the shop at least 30 minutes before diving to try on gear for correct sizing. (Belts and Weights are complimentary on boat trips.)

Dive Equipment

  • BCD Jacket with Power Inflator – $220
  • Regulator & SPG, Depth and Octopus – $220
  • Mask & Snorkel – $120
  • Fins – $120
  • Package (full set of the above) for Dive Paradise dive trips only: $540
    • does not include wetsuit or dive computer
  • Shorty Wetsuit – $220
  • Dive Computer (Suunto) – $280
  • Dive Light – $280

Tanks, Air

  • 80 cf tanks with standard compressed air included in packages and dive trips.
  • 63 cf tanks, air – no additional charge
  • 100 cf tank, air upgradeadditional $220 per cylinder
  • Add-on / shore dive tanks:  63, 80, or 100 cu ft – $220 per cylinder

Tanks, Nitrox   (tanks not used are non-refundable)

  • 80 cf tank, nitrox – additional $220 per cylinder ($200 with a multi-dive or hotel-dive package)
  • 63 cf tanks are not available with nitrox fills
  • 100 cf tank, nitrox – additional $300 per cylinder  ($260 with a multi-dive or hotel-dive package)
    • limited availability on 100’s, 1st come 1st served. Advance reservations recommended.

Retail Sales

Our shop at Wyndham Cozumel Hotel and Resort is stocked with affordably priced last minute dive items and those “must have” Dive Paradise T-shirts!