Gear Sales and Rental Information


We offer retail sales through our main shop on the coastal road (next door to the Naval Base), Cozumel Resort and in town. The shops are stocked with affordably priced last minute dive items and those “must have” Dive Paradise T-shirts!


The main shop and the satellite facility at the Cozumel Resort offer full equipment rentals. You could rent everything for your diving, which is a very convenient way to travel! We use brand name equipment that is rigorously maintained and updated on a regular basis.

When renting gear from us there are two options available:

  1. You can obtain your gear when you check in and keep the equipment until you complete your package, in which case you are responsible for the gear (including the rinsing after each dive trip). You must leave a signed, open credit card slip or cash as a deposit and return the gear to us personally. You will be charged on a daily basis.
  2. You can have us deliver the gear to the boat for you, in which case our Dive Masters are responsible and are not able to leave the equipment with you, between trips. This is the most convenient because you don’t have to store or lug the gear around. (You also don’t have to clean it, as we take care of everything!)

Daily Rental Gear Rates

can be reserved and prepaid:

  • BCD Jacket with Power Inflator – $10
  • Regulator & SPG, Depth and Octopus – $12
  • Mask & Snorkel – $3.50
  • Fins – $ 4
  • Package (full set of the above): just $13.50 when reserved in advance!*  ($16 on island.)
    • Package does NOT include wetsuit
  • Tank – $ 6 (w/Nitrox add US$10)
  • Snorkel Vest – $4
  • Dive Computer (Suunto) – $ 10
  • Shorty Wetsuit – $ 7
  • Dive Light – $7

*Advance Booking Special Package applies to equipment rented for trips only.

Did you know that some airlines are now starting to charge additional fees for dive gear? You might consider rental as it is very convenient.

Prices are quoted in USD.