We’ve expanded to the mainland!

We have opened a new operation in Tulum, serviced directly by Dive Paradise’s fleet. Guests coming to Cozumel to enjoy the fantastic diving in the Cozumel Reefs National Park with Dive Paradise can now expand their experience to include cenote diving, exploring ancient Mayan ruins and the jungles located near the picturesque coastline.

Cenote diving

For years, guests have been asking how they can dive the famous cenotes and explore the historic ruins.  With the new Dive Paradise facility in Tulum, we are ideally suited to provide this exciting new service.

The new location is a complete PADI Five-Star facility that leverages our more than 30 years of experience and connections to expertly serve any diver’s needs.

From there, we can also provide authentic Mayan Cultural AdventuresCenote diving and adventures and much more.

Alea Tulum


We are now working closely with two different Tulum-based resorts. Hotel Alea Tulum is strategically positioned along the beach, while Hotel Kan Tulum is located in the lush jungle area near the Cenotes and remains of ancient Mayan Civilizations.

These two locations give our customers two very different ways to experience the magic of Tulum.  Alea is located on a tranquil bay, while KAN’s stunning treehouse architecture blends seamlessly into the surrounding natural beauty.

Kan Tulum


For more information or to book a trip, give us a call USA toll-free 855 798-5300, or email reservations@diveparadise.com. Let’s go diving!

Dive Paradise Tulum opens up mainland cenote diving and jungle tours