Two programs enable regular divers to save up to 20% on boat dives!

We are pleased to announce two new loyalty programs, which can both be delivered digitally and managed via divers’ personal smartphones via either Google Pay or Apple Wallet if desired. These programs, which include a “Buy Ten, Get One Free” digital Reward Card as well as pre-paid Frequent Diver Passes of 25 or 50 trips, are designed to provide loyal customers with opportunities for significant savings.

“During it’s 36 years of operation, Dive Paradise has developed an incredibly loyal following, and has always proudly taken care of its frequent divers” says Michael Penwarden. “We are thrilled to formalize and modernize our rewards program via our new digital app. This will not only provide immediate benefits for our family of regular customers, but will create a foundation for further opportunities for engagement via flash sales, special ‘insider’ offers and more.”

photo by Barry Guimbellot

The first program — the Dive Paradise Rewards Card — is available at the following link: The program allows you to pay for dive trips as you go, with no need for advance purchase.  Once you have logged ten 2-tank dives on your digital card, you qualify for a free two-tank trip.

The second program — the Dive Paradise Frequent Diver Pass — is available at the following link: This program allows divers to enjoy significant savings by pre-purchasing packages of either 25 or 50 two-tank trips. Divers can sign up for either Caribbean or Express-style trips, and trips run both mornings and afternoons.  The 25-trip Pass represents 15% off standard pricing, while the 50-trip Pass represents 20% off. In addition, Frequent Diver Passes purchased before December 20th, 2020, lock in 2020 rates and can be used all the way through 2022.  Current pricing is as follows:

  • 25  2-tank AM Caribbean trips:  $1828 per person  (Retail $2150)
  • 25  2-tank AM Express trips:  $1913 per person (Retail $2250)
  • 50  2-tank AM Caribbean trips:  $3440 per person (Retail $4300)
  • 50  2-tank AM Express trips:  $3600 per person (Retail $4500)

Frequent Diver Passes can be purchased through our reservations office (phone: 954.743.5310 or or on-island at any Dive Paradise location.

Thank you for choosing Dive Paradise – We look forward to seeing you in Cozumel!  🙂🐠

Announcing NEW Loyalty Programs