Specialty Dive Certifications

Cozumel Scuba Dive Courses with Dive Paradise

Get your specialty scuba diving certification in the warm, crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean!

Specialty Dive Courses

Group discounts available on all instruction – please inquire.

Advance USD prices:

Specialty Course Dives Included Price
Navigation 3 shore dives $200
Night Diving 3 night shore dives $230
Deep Diving 3 boat dives $335
Multilevel Diving 2 boat dives $170
Peak Buoyancy 2 shore dives $120
Peak Buoyancy 2 boat dives $210
U/W Naturalist 2 shore dives $120
U/W Naturalist 2 boat dives $200
Skin Diver varies $75
Coral Reef Diver 2 boat dives $186
Drift Diving 2 boat dives $186
Boat Diving  2 boat dives $186
Search/Recovery 4 shore dives $200
Wreck Diving 4 boat dives $335
Wreck Diving Referral 2 boat dives $217
Pricing and Reservations

Specialty Dive Certifications

Advance USD purchase prices shown.   Prices vary by specialty.

What's Included

Activity Inclusions:
Personalized attention of a Dive Paradise Instructor.

Trips include tanks, weights, belt, & purified drinking water.

We put you in the care of one of our certified, in-water Divemaster guides, whose primary duty is leading you and your group on safe, pleasurable dives.

On two-tank trips, the maximum depth is 60 to 90 feet on the first dive, and 30 to 60 feet on the second.

Equipment Costs
Equipment $USD Price
BCD Jacket with Power Inflate $12
Regulator & SPG, Depth and Octopus $12
Mask & Snorkel $5
Fins $5
Package of the above: $25
1 Tank (Air) 63, 80, or 100 cu ft $10
1 Tank (Nitrox) 80 cu ft $12
1 Tank (Nitrox) 100 cu ft – limited availability, 1st come 1st served. Advance reservations recommended. $16
Dive Computer (Suunto) $15
Shorty Wetsuit $10
Dive Light $12

Diver Registration Form


PADI Medical Release

Marine Park Fee

The MX National Marine Park Authority charges a $109 MXN Pesos fee for each day of diving.  Must be paid in Cash.  Rate subject to change per the National Marine Park Authority.  Dive Paradise collects this fee on behalf of the Marine Park during your check-in upon arrival.

General Terms and Conditions
  • A certification card (C-Card) is required.
  • Textbooks and rental of dive gear are not included in the Dive Paradise course cost unless otherwise noted. The cost of gear rental may be estimated by referring to the sales/rental section.
  • There is a US$45 additional processing fee associated with all PADI certification courses to cover PIC registration in the United States.
  • All prices include Mexican tax.
  • Children under ten are not allowed on dive trips.

Dive Paradise General Information

Our Fleet

Dive Paradise Fleet

All Dive Paradise boats on “Caribbean” trips are equipped with a sundeck and a full-sized head (AKA bathroom, loo, baño)

The gunnels (sides) are low for easy giant stride entries.

All boats offer convenient dive platforms. Getting out of the water is as easy as getting in.

Check out more details on our Fleet page.

Dive Computers

Dive Computers

Dive Paradise is proud to be a PADI training facility. We follow the PADI Recreational Dive Planner (tables) on all dives, except for special, dedicated computer trips.

We conduct all dives in “divemaster-escorted groups.” As a result, we cannot use computers as a primary tool for planning maximum depth and bottom time. The divemaster can make exceptions, provided each diver has a computer and is skilled in its use. Please ask your divemaster for such exceptions when you board the boat.

Nitrox rental is available. Proof of Nitrox training required.

Re-Compression Services

Re-Compression Services

Dive Paradise is affiliated with the Meditur hyperbaric facility. The chamber is located on Calle 6 Norte (6th Street North) #135, between 5th Ave. and 10th Ave. It’s connected with the hospital “Clinica San Miguel.” Dr. Pascual Piccolo is the presiding hyperbaric physician and general practitioner.

All divers are advised to obtain DAN insurance. Dive Assure and PADI are also recognized. If you have questions about the chamber or insurance coverage, feel free to contact us.

Specialty Dive Certifications

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Other Dive Certifications

Course Dives Included $USD Price
PADI EFR (Emergency First Response)
SSI React Right
0 $245 Course + $50 Crew Pack
$45 PADI Certification Processing (PIC)
Rescue Diver 5 shore dives $450 Course + $88 Crew Pack
$45 PADI Certification Processing (PIC)
Divemaster 9 shore dives
14 boat dives
$1400 Course + $380 Crew Pack
Additional Fees due to PADI:
$120 PADI Certification Processing (PIC)
$250 PADI Annual Fee
Nitrox Course with boat diving 2 boat dives $235 course + $60 Text
$45 PADI Certification Processing (PIC)
Nitrox  0 $150 Course + $60 Text
$45 PADI Certification Processing (PIC)
NAUI-SSI-PADI Crossover Inquire Inquire

Specialty Course Reservations