Cozumel Dive Vacation More Affordable Than Nervous Breakdown…

And Lots More Fun!

This is a message from Apple who passed away in August 2017. She ran Dive Paradise from 1994-2017 and was an icon in the dive world. Her love for Cozumel lives on in these words!

Have you noticed it? These days, instead of news, the media peddle a potent package of prefab panic. They pander to our paranoia.

Double-dip recession! Soaring unemployment! School shootings! Foreclosures! Gridlock on Capitol Hill! It’s the end of the world…. stay tuned––every scary detail at eleven. It’s a constant barrage of fear, all designed to make the needle on your anxiety meter spike into the red zone. Why? It’s simple: fear “sells.”

Some philosopher a whole lot smarter than me said, “Life is all about the choices we make.” (Don’t know who he was, but I’m sure he said it.)

Every day we face a decision: Do we turn toward the fear or away from it? I’m about to give you some very biased advice on making that decision today. I’m going to tell you to turn away from the fear for the sake of your mental health…. with a dive vacation in Cozumel.

Remember, it’s all about the choices we make. For example….

You fork over your $35 copayment for 45 minutes of psychotherapy, and the shrink conjures childhood miseries you’d rather forget.


You plunk down that same money in Cozumel, and your divemaster dazzles you with a one-tank dive on Palancar Reef. You return home with a bucketful of “bucket list” memories. And you hope and pray you never forget ’em. When it comes to your mental health, Dive Paradise and Cozumel–– we’re the smart choice. Why?

For starters, the diving is incredible. Cozumel blew Jacques Cousteau’s mind back in the 1960s, and the island has dazzled divers ever since, with some of the world’s best reefs, walls and marine life. (Some people say you’re not a real diver until you’ve checked Cozumel off your bucket list.)

Talking about choices, Dive Paradise offers the largest menu on the island…. whether you’re experienced or a beginner…. whether you’re traveling solo, or with family and friends, or a group. At Dive Paradise, we have SCUBA and accommodations packages for every taste and budget. Plus, you’re safe with us, because our service is attentive and personal.

Don’t forget: Cozumel is close to home. Climb on a jet for two or three hours, and you’re there, man. You’ve got plenty of choices for air connections that won’t break the bank.

You know that old saying “You get what you pay for”? At Dive Paradise we strive to exceed your expectations––every day. You’re sure to pay more for other dive destinations, but dollar for dollar Cozumel is Numero Uno in diving, fun and value.

I could go on and on about Cozumel…. about the friendly locals who love to roll out the welcome mat for visiting divers…. about the endless options for great food and apres-dive entertainment. But then we might lose sight of the important subject we’re discussing today: your mental health. Remember: a Cozumel dive vacation is far more affordable than a nervous breakdown. And for sure, ‘way more fun.

Today, it’s your choice: You can buy your fear wholesale from the merchants of doom. Or you can look the boogeyman straight in the eye and tell him, “Buzz off––I’m going diving.”
Sometimes the right decision is easy and guilt-free. So make the right one today. At Dive Paradise, we look forward to welcoming you to Cozumel, so we can celebrate your wise choices.