Special 10 AM Express 2-tank trips

for guests arriving from Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Cruise Ships!


For full details on our Express Trips, click HERE.


Note: the trip needs a minimum of 2 divers ‘to go’.

If you are a solo diver, here are a couple of options for you:

  • Pay for both spots to guarantee the boat will go.  If we have another diver sign up for the trip, we’ll refund the second spot you’ve paid for.
  • Search for a dive buddy on a www.cruisecritic.com discussion board.
Diving Certification Agency Safety Standards:

Divers must be current, with a last dive within 12 months. If a diver is not current, please complete a refresher course with a local shop prior to your arrival on island.


Our scuba kit is $25/day and includes mask, fins, BCD, regulator with SPG.  Paid directly when you check in on island.

During COVID we are not including snorkels or mouthpieces on the primary or octopus of the regulator.  You can bring your own (need 2 mouthpieces + zip ties) or purchase the ‘basic black’ version from us for $6 each.   Paid directly to our Cozumel team when you check in to show your C-card, complete waivers, etc.

Upon arrival:

Take a taxi from the ferry pier to our shop located directly across the road from the Wyndham Cozumel Hotel & Resort.   No formal address needed, everyone knows where it is.   Taxis at the Wyndham Cozumel Hotel will return you to the ferry ship pier after diving.  (Dive operators are not allowed to pick up or drop off guests at the ferry pier, either by boat or by land. )

Cruise Ship Schedules

Important: confirm the cruise ship time of docking, and if it’s local, Cozumel, or ship time when in port.  Each cruise line sets their ship clocks differently – some stay on the same time zone as their port of departure, and others change their ship clock to the local, or Cozumel, time.  Cozumel is on Central Standard Time year round.

Although the manifest may say, perhaps, 9 AM, you will not disembark at that time.  Some ships moor away from the pier and tender guests ashore.  Other ships offer priority disembarking for passengers on ship-organized tours; those booking tours independently are generally last to leave the ship.  We suggest an hour from time the ship docks until you could get to our shop.

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