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Island Hotels make Covid-19 Testing Easy

Beginning December 6, 2021, all passengers flying to the United States must present a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than ONE day before travel

Guests can make arrangements to take a Covid-19 test on site at hotels affiliated with Dive Paradise for their return travel.  Cozumel authorities, hotels, hospitals, and local drugstores guarantee that tests are available to all travelers visiting the island.  Hotels on island have medical staff from local hospitals to administer tests and provide the certificate required by the CDC. 

All Dive Paradise divers may also get tested at Cozumel Hotel & Resort with a cash payment, or at the Cozumel International Hospital with a credit card payment.

Results are received the same day for the Antigen test ($25 USD), and 12-24 hours the PCR test ($75 USD).  Either type of test is acceptable for returns to the USA.

Any traveler who tests positive must quarantine at the hotel and delay departure.  Our hotel partners offer special low pricing during any required quarantine period ($19-40 per night, depending on the hotel).

As always, we strongly recommend arranging a comprehensive travel/medical insurance policy that covers any potential medical treatment and hospitalization.

Cozumel, your safe island hideaway

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