Sponsorship Initiative to Support Scientific Data Driven Projects    

Dive Paradise is excited to announce our new collaboration with the local nonprofit Cozumel Ocean Research (COR), focused on enhancing the organization’s efforts to gather valuable scientific data on Cozumel’s legendary marine environment.  Dive Paradise is dedicating the month of October to Cozumel Ocean Research, and knowledge gained via their programs will be used to design effective conservation and educational campaigns for Cozumel.

“Dive Paradise has long been a staunch supporter of efforts to better understand and safeguard the marine environment,” says Michael Penwarden, CEO of Dive Paradise, Inc.  “We are proud to dedicate resources to support COR’s admirable work.  Furthermore, we are excited that this opportunity provides our customers with a unique way to participate as volunteer citizen scientists, giving them a memorable chance to connect even more deeply with Cozumel’s underwater ecosystem.”

Throughout all four of Dive Paradise’s locations, a percentage of all diving bookings made during the month will be donated to COR; for those who wish to make a donation directly online, a donate button on our website (right column) is linked to COR’s donor’s page for seamless transactions.  In addition, COR branded merchandise such as t-shirts will be available for purchase in Dive Paradise’s retail shop for the remainder of the year.

“On behalf of Ernesto Hevia del Puerto and myself, thank you to Dive Paradise for your generosity, it means a lot to us to have this support and what we can accomplish with it is immense.” said Liang Chen, COR Co-Founder.

To further advance the synergy between Dive Paradise and Cozumel Ocean Research beyond October, boat dives will be complimentary on a space available basis for local COR volunteers, also known as “citizen scientists”, and for COR personnel who are diving to monitor turtles and eagle rays.  With a focus on enhancing their dive experience, Dive Paradise will also encourage customers to become COR volunteers and to embrace “citizen science” whereby they will learn how to monitor and submit reports about their own dives. In addition, Dive Paradise staff will have the opportunity to participate in training workshops conducted by COR regarding “best practices” for environmentally responsible diving and snorkeling.

“We are so grateful and excited! This is a big move on behalf of Dive Paradise to take action for change. This generous support will help us move towards our goal of strengthening various strategic goals: protection for spotted eagle rays, spotted eagle ray monitoring, promotion of good practices on the reef and the impact of tourism on the coral reef projects which we run in collaboration with National Government Institutions and International Marine Laboratories.” said Liang Chen, COR Co-Founder.

About Cozumel Ocean Research (COR)

Cozumel Ocean Research is a not for profit, non-governmental organization formed by local and international -volunteer- nature lovers whose place of residence is the island of Cozumel. We believe the most effective way to protect and conserve our environment is to promote knowledge and recognition of the value that it has in our lives. From this point of view, we run various scientific research projects, some of which are centered around emblematic species that inhabit or migrate to the island, others focus on pollution concerns and industry pressure to this same environment. With data collected and solid evidence, we use research results in our efforts to design effective conservation and educational campaigns for the protection of these species and their habitats, teaching awareness and by consequence, see short and long term social benefits to the present and future generations of Cozumeleños.

For more information about Cozumel Ocean Research visit www.cozumeloceanresearch.org.

Dive Paradise Takes Giant Stride with Cozumel Ocean Research